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Antony Bell

Antony Bell

Company/Organization: Leader Development Inc. (LDI)
Columbia, South Carolina USA
Phone: (803) 749-1005
Alt. Phone: (803) 240-7591
Clients Served: Students, Adults, Leaders, Teams



Careers and organizations have one thing in common: they are built on great leadership … and that’s my focus: helping people build a great career and transform their organization. That’s not just my focus; it’s also the focus of LDI (LeaderDevelopment Inc.).

The Total Leadership Framework™ (the TLF) is how we do it. It brings together all the different elements of leadership into a coherent whole so that leaders know what kind of leadership their role requires, whatever their level of responsibility. We haven’t come across anything quite like it, and its uniqueness lies in its ability to dissipate confusion and bring clarity to a person’s leadership role, and it does so with the tools and processes that make transformation real and practical. It also helps leaders avoid the pitfalls of derailment as they transition from one level to the next.

As we come alongside people to help them understand what their leadership role actually requires, they discover something else they weren’t necessarily anticipating: they discover how they are wired as a leader and the impact it has on their leadership. That’s why we particularly value our partnership with the Highlands Company, because there’s nothing out there like the Highlands Ability Battery to help you understand how you think and reason as a leader. That’s important, because the best leaders in the workplace have the highest levels of self-awareness.

If this sounds helpful for the next phase of your journey, we’d welcome you to join us as you continue your pursuit of great leadership. We’re all about making you a hero as you lead … and a hero to those future leaders you are helping shape. This invitation, however, comes with a warning: the Total Leadership Framework™ is habit-forming! But that’s a good thing: great leadership is about adopting the right habits … and that’s what you learn with the Total Leadership Framework™. Join us, and help us spread the practice of great leadership!



As founder and CEO of LDI, people ask me how LDI got started. Here’s the story.

When I hit mid-career, I found myself teaching strategic planning and change leadership for all kinds of businesses, with all kinds of leaders. Fresh from a move from Europe to America, what struck me most was all the confusion around leadership. This was a time of immense change, and the voices offering leadership solutions were like an unconducted orchestra … I was constantly dealing with leaders overwhelmed and inundated with competing leadership solutions. From that point on, my quest became to find a way to help them out of their confusion around leadership … and that was the genesis of the Total Leadership Framework™. Since its birth, it has helped countless leaders (I really have lost count of how many who have embraced it) to figure out exactly what kind of leadership they need for the challenges they face and how to harness the right resources to meet them. LDI became the vehicle to deliver the Total Leadership Framework™ and to develop the coaches and facilitators to teach it.

For those who are curious, what happened before my move from Europe was an upbringing mostly in France and the UK, a boarding school in England, University in the UK (see below), graduate studies at Strasbourg’s Institute of Higher European studies (see below), a spell as production manager for a UK textile manufacturer, a sales director for a Swiss distribution company, and the director of the French division of a Dutch brokerage business. Along the way, I was given the gift of an amazing wife (American) and two remarkable children.

And what has happened since …
• Some books: Great Leadership, The Clock Tower, Rescuing Healthcare (co-authored with Dr. Denis Cortese, former CEO of Mayo Clinic), contributions to edited books and business publications
• Some great relationships with terrific colleagues and clients
• Plenty of speaking and teaching opportunities, including roles as a faculty member of the Treasury Executive Institute and for the University of South Carolina’s executive education division
• And something different: eight years as board chair of the National Institute of Learning Development.

All this is actually the story of LDI, and I’d love you to join in on it. We’ll help you write the right script for your leadership adventure.

Education and Certifications


• Bachelors degree from Loughborough University of Technology (UK) in Economics and Business
• Masters degree from University of Strasbourg (France) in European Law and Economic Institutions