Consultant Profile

Anne Gottlieb Angerman, MSW

Anne Gottlieb Angerman, MSW

Company/Organization: Career Matters
10200 E. Girard Ave, Suite #D-140
Denver, Colorado 80231 USA
Phone: (720) 489-9409
Fax: (303) 689-9627
Clients Served: Students, Adults, Leaders, Teams


We have developed programs and focus in these areas: *Adults who want to make a career change, retire or learn more about themselves. We also utilize other assessments. We create personal reports utilizing data from the different assessments and experience. *Companies who want to maximize the talent of their employees so they will be working in the optimal work environment . We work also in the area of leadership development. *Students who are trying to discover majors and new life directions *Executive coaching for people in their 30’s and 40’s who want more life satisfaction and want to utilize their strengths and create a vision.


Career Coaching and Highlands Affliate since 2000 and assisting over 3000 clients 30 years of working with people and organizations to increase life satisfaction Work in person and internationally with Skype

Education and Certifications

Purdue University – BA in Psychology University of Wisconsin – Masters in Social Work and Rehabilitation Counseling Certified also in Myers Briggs , and the Strong Interest Inventory Test Certified also in the Print test (looking at Unconscious Motivators)