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Allen Paul

Allen Paul

Company/Organization: Allen Paul Career Coach, Forbes Career Council Member
Miami Beach, Florida USA
Phone: (954) 608-2202
Clients Served: Students, Adults, Leaders, Teams



Our 5 Step Proprietary “Career Code”

Our comprehensive, individualized career Resonance system will help you evaluate a wide range of career factors — your unique intrinsic talents, (your super powers) interests, values and more — to discover the career that’s the right fit for you.

• The career you choose, the job you accept is life changing for sure. Our job is to help them make the right decision and know it’s the right decision.
• We use a step by step system/strategy/process/plan to land the right job for you from resume creation to the interview to the offers. Everything you need is covered.

Discover Your Hidden Talents:

Identify your SUPER POWERS based on proven, comprehensive career assessments including the Highlands Ability Battery. Knowing your natural super powers = landing the job you love to live work happy.

Brand Your DNA:

Working one-on-one, we prepare your professional tool kit with expert resume, cover letters, social media, Linked in messaging, voice mail, personal statement, scripts, and elevator pitch to help you stand out from the competition.

Develop Your Campaign:

Together, we create your individual, customized strategy and step-by-step plan to get you the interviews you want with the companies you want to ensure your career success and happiness.

Prepare, Practice, Master:

Role-play, mock-interviewing, rehearsing until you can’t get it wrong! Together, we master the art of interviewing, providing you with the type of confidence and clarity that leads to job offers. No stone unturned, nothing left on the table: every aspect of the interview is covered in the process.

Land THE Job:

Negotiating smart, being selective, and identifying how you fit into the culture. This is not just a job: it’s your dream job; together we determine if this is the right career path and prepare to Land the Job and uncover the psychological shift of power to make you the decision maker. These are lifelong skills that you will have forever.



Paul Allen Silitsky
Principal and Founder of Paul Allen Career Coach Executive Profile

For over 30 years, I have been hiring, mentoring, and leading employees in careers that they love. After building a start up from three to 3,000 employees, I further honed my leadership expertise with a Fortune 50 company. Using my Super Powers of leadership, mentoring, and sales, I went on to build a talent acquisition firm in the tech space that became the largest of its kind. Developing People with Inspiration and Integrity has always been my main Cornerstone.

As with every success story, my path was not always smooth. During my time as CEO of an executive search firm, I lost the ability to speak due to a rare neurological disease that affects the vocal chords. Forced into silence for nearly two years, I turned to mindfulness and meditation, even opening my own Meditation studio in Miami Beach. As the Chief Chill officer, I found a much greater awareness of the present, further improving my listening skills and deepening my compassion for others.

Thankfully, my voice is fully restored – so I can share my experience and expert coaching with you. I will be your partner in transforming your future with the Paul Allen Career Code, my holistic proprietary approach to harnessing your Super Powers and putting them to work at a job you love. My Past Career experiences have included:

  •   Accountant, 3 years Danziger and Friedman, CPA’s
  •   District Manager, ADP- 2 years
  •   Director of Sales, ADP – 5 years
  •   VP of Sales, ADP- 3 years
  •   Senior VP, Star MultiCare, Publicly Traded Health Care CO. -7 years
  •   Founder and CEO of answerQuest Executive Search- 18 years
  •   Founder and CEO of Innergy Meditation- 3 years

Education and Certifications

  •    Bachelors In Business Degree, Baruch College, NYC
  •   Certified Consultant Highlands Ability Battery
  •   Speaker at Emerge Technology Conference, Management Recruiters International National Conference.