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WayFind LLC

WayFind LLC

Company/Organization: WayFind LLC- Adele Dubin and Natasha Srulowitz
In-person and remote coaching via Google Hangouts or Skype
New York area
Long Island, New York USA
Phone: (516) 253-1147
Clients Served: Students, Adults, Leaders, Teams



WayFind’s mission is to help young people choose career paths that best suit their interests, skills, strengths and values and to empower them with the clarity and confidence necessary to make smart life decisions.

Our target population is mainly comprised of people in the 16 – 30yr old age range who are looking to learn about themselves and get educated on career options. They may have some understanding of their strengths, but they need an objective, trusted voice to reduce fear of the unknown and to help identify the professional paths that will balance natural talents with other factors that influence career decisions.

We work with Millennials who recognize the importance of work/life balance, but need to orient themselves within current context to make an informed, realistic next step that sparks motivation and determination.

We also offer our services and workshops to teachers, schools and organizations who want to stimulate growth within their respective spaces institutions for their students, employees or teams. They want to develop individuals and increase productivity by exploring capabilities and motivations.



Adele Dubin worked in management consulting, venture capital, real estate, and marketing at Fortune 500 companies before deciding to stay home to raise her children. She has been a volunteer for the Shalom Task Force and Magen Li for many years.

Natasha Srulowitz has over 20 years of experience in the technology, finance, and non-profit sectors, with a successful record of launching and growing new companies and programs. She has expertise in business development, project management, operations, and capital raising. Natasha is a founder of several startups and a non-profit business lending program in New York City. In addition to being a co-founder of Wayfind, Natasha currently serves as an advisor for a community-based start-up business incubator, Exceed Network.

Education and Certifications


Adele Dubin
BA in Economics from University of Michigan
Certified Highlands Ability Battery Consultant

Natasha Srulowitz
MBA from Columbia Business School
BA in Finance from University of Washington – Michael G. Foster School of Business
Certified Highlands Ability Battery Consultant