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Consultant Maura Koutoujian Featured in New York Times

Maura Koutoujian Highlands Certified Consultant

Maura Koutoujian Highlands Certified ConsultantMaura Koutoujian, a career, life, and health and wellness coach with Jody Michael Associates in Chicago, works with young adults and adults to find their best career fit. But, as she explains, it’s much more than that.

“Through our coaching process we get to know our clients very well,” Maura said. “I love watching clients realize that the thing they always thought was ‘weird or quirky’ is actually a strength. It’s great to see clients walk out the door standing up so much straighter.”

The New York Times recently featured Maura and her work with young adults in “Career Coaching for the Playdate Generation.” The article discussed how many of today’s young adults struggle to pick a career path. Coaching, which is becoming more and more common for both students and adults, helps many who are stuck to find their way.

At Jody Michael Associates, they employ a proprietary program for their clients that includes the Highlands Ability Battery and other exercises that work together to create transformative change. Maura received her Highlands Consultant Certification one year ago, and she said it was a perfect addition from the start. In fact, in this short time, Maura has already completed more than 100 HAB debriefs for clients.

“Even before using the HAB, we were very much focused on the whole person,” she said. “Highlands has enhanced our process. We want our clients to understand who they are and not who they should be. It’s about owning who you are and being ok with it.”

Dreaming Within a Structure

Maura’s background includes work as a photographer, fine artist, and gourmet store owner. It was in her 40s that she engaged a life coach to work on some of her own challenges.

“It was then I knew I wanted to be a coach,” she said.

Maura likes to call the coaching process “dreaming within a structure.”

“It’s about being more resourceful and experimental. What I like about the HAB is that it shows you where you bring value. Nothing makes me happier than watching someone get that clarity.”

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