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College Major & Career Bootcamp

Dr. Mary Feduccia, a Highlands Certified Consultant, specializes in career counseling. With many years of experience working specifically with high school and college students, including serving as the Director of Career Services at Louisiana State University for 18 years, Mary is uniquely positioned to offer exceptional career guidance to young people.

The following article, written by Mary, describes an exciting opportunity that is coming up soon. Designed for students entering 11th and 12th grades or graduating seniors, the College Major & Career Bootcamp is the perfect solution for students seeking solid direction for their futures. Virtual programs are also available, so geographic distance is not an obstacle!

Summertime is here! A new season signals a new chapter for many high school and college students. Some use this time in productive ways while others aimlessly let the days slip by, but foremost in the minds of most students is happiness. We all seek it relative to our stage in life, but for many students at this particular time in their lives, thoughts turn to their futures and what will make them happy and purposeful.

Many are confused about the best path forward. Many high school students wonder about the next step after graduation—will it be college, work, or something else? Many college students wonder if they are in the right majors leading to a career that’s right for them.

Making a good choice about a college major and career is hard. Making the right choice is not an intuitive process. We aren’t born knowing how to do it. So many students spend unnecessary time, money, and effort trying to make the right choice. I’m offering two programs this summer designed to lead students to confident decisions about their career directions. I’ve used this approach with hundreds of students over the years and it works!

In these programs, I start with the Highlands Ability Battery, a phenomenal assessment of abilities that is incredibly helpful in career decision-making. Interests, personality, and values also need to be aligned with abilities for the choice to be the best. Assessments in these areas are excellent tools to lead to a well-developed decision about one’s career. As a result, certain careers rise to the top of best possibilities and these are explored for the most effective choice of college major and career.

Take the guesswork out of decisions about college majors and careers. Eliminate the confusion by using a tried-and-true process that concludes with an action plan about confidently moving forward. Consider taking my bootcamp at LSU June 17-21 or my weekend bootcamp July 20, 27, and 28. Virtual programs also available!

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Mary Feduccia, Ph.D., is a Highlands Certified Consultant as well as the founder and owner of CareerWorks360 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Specializing in career counseling, Mary helps individuals at various stages make good decisions about their careers. To learn more, visit her website, or contact her online.