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Cheryl Leitschuh, An Original Highlands Consultant, Reflects on the HAB

For 28 years, Cheryl Leitschuh has worked with large professional service organizations to provide corporate leadership training. It’s been about that long that she has offered the Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) to her clients, too.

“I remember very well the days when clients would come into the office for five hours to take the HAB with pen and pencil!” she recalled. “But that just goes to show that the HAB survives the time, the economy, the trends.”

Cheryl says that the HAB is “iconic” in the world of career assessments.

Meet Cheryl

Cheryl LeitschuhCheryl is a Chair of the Twin Cities Chapter of The Woman’s Advantage Forum (a career development organization for women), owner of Leitschuh Leadership Consulting, author of The Leadership Energy: Unlocking The Secrets To Your Success, and part-time faculty at Capella University. She received her ED.D. in Educational Psychology and Counseling from the University of South Dakota.

An Introduction to The Highlands Ability Battery (HAB)

After working in the corporate world right out of undergrad, Cheryl decided to go back to school so that she “could work for corporations instead of in them,” she said. From the outset of her private practice, she sought a career assessment tool that would provide a good foundation and actionable steps for her clients.

“I saw an ad in a psychology journal for Highlands, which I then forwarded to a friend. She told me it wasn’t right for her, and then I thought, ‘Wait! This is right for me!’”

Cheryl signed up for one of the first Highlands certification trainings and became one of the few consultants to use the HAB at the time.

“The HAB has been the one consistent piece in my practice all these years. Other assessments can be interesting, but Highlands gives people something they can actually do. I haven’t discovered any other assessments like it.”

Successes Over the Years

Cheryl has seen the HAB and coaching help many leaders find success, but she has two individuals who saw significant results that she often thinks back on.

“I worked with an entrepreneur years ago who had sold his mid-size company and then wasn’t sure what to do next. He took the HAB, and it gave him a road map of what to avoid and what to go after. Even to this day, he will email saying he keeps his results in a drawer and will refer to it when opportunities come up.”

“Another former client was burnt out on his corporate position. We went through the Whole Person Model, and he was able to articulate to his company exactly what he was looking for. He didn’t think they would be able to meet his needs, but turns out they were about to do a re-organization, and they designed a position based on his request. Turns out, if you know what to ask, your employer just might give it to you.”

That’s the truth!

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