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Get Certified in the Highlands Whole Person Method

certified in the highlands whole person method

Since the early 1990s, The Highlands Company has trained coaches, consultants, therapists, and talent development and HR professionals in the Highlands Whole Person Method.

This training instructs trainees in how to administer the Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) and how to incorporate the understanding of natural talents into the whole person–abilities, skills, interests, personal style, family of origin, values, and goals. Many who complete the HAB certification go on to provide one-on-one consultation, group workshops, team-building events, and seminars. We even have consultants who incorporate the Highlands Whole Person Method into high school, college and graduate-level curriculum and into published books.

So, Why Should You Consider HAB Certification?

  1. certified in the highlands whole person method
    A recent group of new 2017 Highlands Certified Consultants.

    You work with organizations and need another tool in your toolbox to facilitate change and talent development.

  2. You want to grow your career coaching/consulting business to empower more clients through understanding natural abilities.
  3. You are changing roles and want to shape your new direction, whether that be a different position, a new business, or retirement.

Of course, there are more reasons why Highland Certified Consultants choose to become certified in the Highlands Whole Person Method, but the above list of reasons comes up among our applicants often.

Highlands Certification Training Testimonials

Currently, Highlands has hundreds of consultants spanning the globe. Here are a few testimonials from HCCs who have found the Highlands Ability Battery to be a great solution for their work as coaches and consultants.

“Personally, I had many big takeaways from taking the HAB, but mostly it was validating and affirming, something we also see frequently with our clients.” –Antony (Tony) Bell of Columbia, South Carolina-based LeaderDevelopment, Inc

“Even before using the HAB, we were very much focused on the whole person,” she said. “Highlands has enhanced our process. We want our clients to understand who they are and not who they should be. It’s about owning who you are and being ok with it.”

“It’s about being more resourceful and experimental. What I like about the HAB is that it shows you where you bring value. Nothing makes me happier than watching someone get that clarity.” – Maura Koutoujian, a career, life, and health and wellness coach with Jody Michael Associates in Chicago

“Some of the assessments I found bordered on snake oil and pseudo-science,” he said. “But a few bubbled to the top, and Highlands was one of them. I became certified as a Highlands Consultant as a means to love and serve people well.” –Rev. Dr. William Fullilove

Upcoming Highlands Certified Consultant Trainings

Interested in the certification training? The Highlands Company holds both on-site training in the Atlanta, Georgia-area and over-the-phone throughout the year. (A current list of dates is found here.)

Both formats include 16 hours of interactive training. You will get the chance to bounce ideas off the facilitator as well as other trainees. Following the training sessions, you are required to complete two practice write-ups and two practice debriefs within three months. As soon as you complete all the steps of the training, you’ll be able to buy Highlands Ability Battery codes and get listed in the Highlands Certified Consultant directory!

Are you ready to get certified in the Highlands Whole Person Method? Contact us directly.