work burnout

Avoiding Burnout at Work

You’ve probably heard the adage to “work smarter, not harder.” If you’re like most professionals, in today’s world of increasing pressure and demands on your time, you’re looking for ways to be more productive without putting in more hours. But[...]

leadership and failure

Leadership, Failure, and the HAB

Thomas Edison famously said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that don’t work.” If even one of brightest minds of the 20th century was reluctant to admit to failure, is it any wonder failure is so demonized[...]

find a job in recerssion

Why Do New Employees Quit?

A staggering 31 percent of individuals have quit a job within the first six months of their start date. What causes so many new employees to quit early on? According to BambooHR, 45 percent of HR representatives estimate that over[...]

natural talents lead to success

Benefits of Choosing a Career Based on Talent

We all have natural talents, some of which can transfer over to a career path. Knowing what your natural talents are is a vital part of choosing the right career path. There are numerous benefits if you choose a career based on[...]

boss at work ignores

Why Does My Boss Ignore My Ideas?

Sometimes it seems like your boss doesn’t like any of your ideas. More often than not, it feels like your boss ignores them. On top of that, he rarely has ideas of her own. It is so frustrating! Does This[...]