terminating a lawyer

Being Terminated as a Lawyer and Staying Rational

In my practice, I work generally with attorneys. When an attorney - or anyone else - receives a notice of termination, it can be both psychologically and financially devastating. Some are so overwhelmed by this news that they deny the[...]


New Career Development Tool for Lawyers

The Highlands Company is set to launch its Ability Battery Lawyer's Report. The Report is designed to reflect the uniqueness of people who study and practice law. Whether you have just entered the profession or have been practicing for years,[...]


Potential for HAB in the Charitable Sector

Prior to completing clinical training in counselling psychology, I had the opportunity for theological training and a few years of pastoral experience. Over the past forty years, this has afforded me the opportunity to use this combination of training to[...]

find a job in recerssion

Why It’s Hard to Get a Job

Too many hard-working people are looking for work and finding it difficult to find something. Many people spend hours each day looking for a new job, but the continual rejection makes it hard to carry on. Career consultants and job[...]


Affiliate Academics and Affirmations

As a long-time Highlands Consultant, I take pride in the knowledge and experience I have gained through guiding others in the introspective process we call The Highlands Program. Though it comes in many forms, and each of us brings our[...]


Back Pocket Plan

Several years back, The Highlands Company partnered with GlaxoSmithKline to support the GSK commitment to attracting and retaining productive and satisfied long-term employees. GlaxoSmithKline embraced The Highlands Program as a foundation for professional development planning and used it as an[...]