career change at midlife

Change At Midlife: Does It Have To Be A Crisis?

First defined and researched by Daniel Levinson, Ph.D. at Yale, in the 70's and 80's and published in Seasons of a Man's Life, there are six Turning Points in everyone's career. These begin in the early 20's and occur until the[...]

rocks balance work

Fighting for Balance in the World of Work

How often during the week does your stress level shoot through the roof? Do you ever pause during a typical day at work and think: "It's not humanly possible to do all I have to do!" You and several million[...]


5 Common Career Myths

We all grow up with certain myths about our careers based on what we observed growing up in our family of origin, and our own goals. Myths: 1. The more money I make, the happier I will be. Two years[...]


REAP the Rewards

Whether it's points on a credit card, the benefits of a job offer, or the early bird special at a local restaurant, everyone enjoys maximizing the return on his or her investment. With soaring rates of unemployment, foreclosures at epidemic[...]