using natural abilities in coaching

What Do Natural Abilities Look Like In Real Life?

We talk a lot about natural abilities - naturally - since the Highlands Ability Battery reveals how you are hardwired to complete tasks. With this knowledge of yourself, you’ll see the types of roles you could excel at and how[...]

observation natural ability

Strong Observation and Your 2-D Visual Ability

The Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) objectively measures two natural abilities specifically related to two-dimensional visual tasks. In fact, when a person’s scores are strong in both of these abilities simultaneously, it typically means there is a need to use them[...]

boss avoids you

Why Is My Boss Avoiding Me?

You and your boss get along fine. You work together well, but you just don’t feel like you know him at all. No one on your team does. As soon as a meeting is over, he disappears into his office,[...]

natural ability to learn languages

The Ability to Learn Languages Easily

Which of these scenarios describes you best: 1. You’re required to learn another language in order to graduate, communicate with coworkers, or get around a place you will be visiting. No matter how hard you try, it’s just not happening.[...]

why is boss a micro manager

Why Is Your Boss a Micro-Manager?

We’ve all been there. You are assigned a project. You do the job and feel pretty good about it until your boss swoops in and picks it all apart. Or, maybe your boss doesn’t even let you get that far.[...]