the hab for students

Life in a New Light for a Struggling Student

  Joel struggled as a student. His parents were divorced, he hated school, and he was actually expelled from high school because of his poor grades. After two years, he barely had one semester of credits. He ended up in[...]

natural abilities assessment

Abilities Assessment? What’s That?

The Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) is a career assessment ideal for students and young adults who want an understanding of their natural abilities and a clearer picture of the future. Parents, this article is for you. (more…)


Training Law Students to Explore Other Careers

Opportunities abound for law students today far beyond the limits of a big law career. Niche practices in smaller markets demand legal talent along with opportunities in government, public interest, law school faculty, and legal administration. Even businesses are listing“J.D.[...]


Emerging Adults – Issues and Challenges

Last week, Sarah came to consult with me. She had graduated from college a year before and had gotten a fabulous teaching job in a new school in Denver. She had been teaching for one year. Everything had fallen into[...]


Using the Highlands Program with College Grads

Have you been seeing more college grads recently, as I have? How can we use the Battery and feedback to assist these people? Many of these young adults are scared, confused, and clueless. Many have never worked a day in[...]