From Fired to Fired Up

“I got laid off recently and I need to find another job quickly; we can’t survive on my wife’s income alone. I’ve applied for several jobs but deep down inside, I hope they don’t respond; I can’t picture myself being[...]


5 Excellent Reasons to Leave Your Job

Are you thinking about leaving your job? If so, you’re not alone. Research shows that up to a full 51% of workers are looking to leave their job. What we’ve found is that not all of the reasons people have[...]


5 Terrible Reasons to Change Careers

We believe deeply in finding a career that aligns with your whole self. Success is a result of knowing what you’re good at and aligning those strengths with the right career fit. Not only do you perform better at your[...]

managing your career map

Emotional Intelligence and Your Career

An article in Fortune described many of the issues individuals need to think about when managing their own careers. According to the article, there is a great deal of anxiety in the workplace. Of more than 100,000 managers polled by[...]

women in the corporate world

Executive Women in the Corporate World

"Fed Up! - Executive Women Confront Mid-Life" The headline above comes from a Fortune Magazine article about women and their struggles to find meaning in the corporate world, but most of the issues facing women apply to men as well. The study was[...]