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Career Planning Leads to Less Student Debt & Greater Wealth

Ray Giese is part of our extensive network of Highlands Certified Consultants. As a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) with a successful career in sales and finance, Ray became a career coach as a way to invest in future generations and help give back to his community (click here to read his full bio).

Ray regularly uses the Highlands Ability Battery in his practice. In the blog post we are spotlighting today (the first of a series of posts), he takes a close look at the career pre-planning process that students typically undertake and makes some disconcerting connections. Attending an elite university is presumed to be a prerequisite for future happiness and wealth, and many students are willing to take on staggering amounts of debt in order to do it. But how is that plan working out in practice for the average U.S. American family?

Ray’s blog post, from his company website Career & Financial Pathways, takes a detailed look at how the numbers work out on average for students and their families. We invite you to click on the link below to read the full post, and benefit from the years of experience and financial insight that Ray provides. 

Career Planning Leads to Less Student Debt & Greater Wealth

You can also learn more about the skills gap crisis in the U.S. and what Highlands is doing to help in our recent post The Right Career Fit: The Path to Closing the Skills Gap.

ray giese highlands certified consultantRay Giese, CFP®, CCSP®, MS
Career Coach & Personal Finance Coach/Educator
Career & Financial Pathways LLC