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Career Advice for Lawyers: How to Make Your Vocation Your Vacation

Highlands Certified Consultant (HCC) Anne Whitaker is uniquely positioned to speak to legal professionals about their career growth and development. A former practicing attorney, educator and business owner, Anne has over 25 years of experience as a consultant and coach to the legal community. Anne combines her legal experience, coach training and expertise, and business acumen to assist her clients in achieving their career and life goals, and has worked with individuals and groups across the country.

Anne recently posted the first article in a series on the significance and impact of creating a Personal Vision. The Highlands Personal Vision Program is holistic in that it takes into account all areas of a person’s life (all eight factors in the Highlands Whole Person Model). As a result of going through the process of crafting a Personal Vision, people are equipped to make decisions throughout their lives, at every turning point, guided by their own deeply held beliefs, convictions, and goals. 

Click the link below to read Anne’s article, and look for more additional pieces in the series coming soon. 

Personal Vision: How to Make Your Vocation Your Vacation

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