You’re Hired! Find Work at 50+:

You’re Hired! Find Work at 50+: A Positive Approach to Securing the Job You Want!

You’re Hired! Find Work at 50+:

Denise Taylor, MSc, MBA, C.Psychol »

Amazing People

The complete guide to finding work for anyone aged 50 and over. Whatever your circumstances – from a change of career, a move to self-employment, a need to earn a decent income, or wishing to decrease your hours to free up time for other pursuits, this invaluable book helps readers to define their individual work needs and learn the modern techniques for successful job hunting.

Helping readers to refocus and build confidence in the job market, the contents include getting in the right mind set, establishing clear goals, social media, networking, CV writing, interviews, stereotypes and how to deal with them, and self-employment.