University of YOU:

University of YOU: Select the best college environment that fits your personality

University of YOU:

Michael Cerreto, MS, CSC, LDR, Edu-K »

A Talented Mind, Inc.

As a high school student, do you have a short list of potential colleges you want to attend but feel lost about how to make the best decision? Are you worried about selecting the wrong college? Do you feel both excited and nervous about leaving home and wonder if you will fit in at college? Help is now available to you by reading the ‘University of YOU.

Selecting the best college environment for your personality.’ This book teaches you how to select the college that has the best environment for your future. If you ask a hundred college students what criteria they used to select a college, you may hear a hundred different answers. The reasons why students pick a college are unique to each person, but most of them will agree that they want a college that feels like home and fits them like a glove. They are all looking for the University of YOU.

The book’s author, Michael Cerreto, gives you a quick, easy, and proven method to determine the best college environment for your future. Hundreds of his high school clients used this same method to evaluate colleges and select the best one. By using this method, you take the risk out of college selection.