Transformation: Write + Share + Live


Maxine P. Phillips, President »


Career & Life Coach, Maxine Phillips, says journaling is a key to personal growth, fulfillment, and success in life. The author of the newly released journal and guidebook says she encourages her clients to write down their thoughts as often as possible so they are able to capture the emotions and feelings of the moment.

Phillips says, “Writing down your thoughts and ideas allows you to be completely honest with yourself. It can also be a great problem-solving tool and very therapeutic.”

Writing since the age of 11 has taught the owner of GAMMS Unlimited Youth and Adult Career/Life Coaching Company a thing or two about the importance of sharing your thoughts and emotions on paper. According to Phillips, sometimes people have a hard time communicating verbally what they want to say. “Being alone with your journal and pen gives you the opportunity to say it the way you feel it without having to worry about proper word choice. It’s like having a conversation with yourself about yourself”.

Phillips says she also wants her clients to understand that when they write, they can write about anything and also leave a legacy for future generations of family members. She adds, “You don’t have to be a professional writer to keep a journal. All you need is to be able to express yourself in words or pictures in your own unique and creative way.”