The Functional Facilitator:

The Functional Facilitator: Because Attitude is Everything!

The Functional Facilitator:

Jeanne Taylor McClellan »

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ATTENTION: CEOs, Managers, Administrators, Teachers, Team Leaders, Consultants, Project Managers, Trainers, (and everyone else who facilitates groups) Want to make your facilitation style Firm, Fair, Focused and FUNctional? Read on to experience facilitation with attitude! ~~~ Inside this essential guidebook you’ll find techniques for framing your facilitation experience.

Along with coaching the group, preparing for the unexpected and much more. You’ll explore real life situations (some good, some bad and some ugly) followed by a variety of techniques you can use right away to avoid similar situations and expand your facilitation skills. The FUNctional Facilitator gives you the tools and strategies you need to become a Firm, Fair, and Focused FUNctional Facilitator.