The Corporate Competitor:

The Corporate Competitor: Secrets of the fiercest competitors in business

The Corporate Competitor:

Michael Cerreto, MS, CSC, LDR, Edu-K »

A Talented Mind, Inc.

Do you ever wonder why some leaders and employees always achieve the best results for their business? Why are they routinely the most successful? What makes them the biggest contributors to helping their company compete in the marketplace? What do they have that you don’t? What they have are five qualities that they don’t want you to know about.

They have a secret formula that enables them be a fierce competitor for their company in the marketplace. They are what the author and business competitiveness expert, Michael Cerreto, calls elite corporate competitors. They are a rarity in business and the ones that often carry the whole team year after year.

You can now discover their secrets. Secrets that you can integrate directly into your day-to-day work. Secrets that enable you to be the most respected corporate competitor in your company because you get results, elevate the company’s performance, and win in the marketplace.