The Art of Self-Promotion:

The Art of Self-Promotion: Tell Your Story, Transform Your Career

The Art of Self-Promotion:

Debby Stone, JD, CPCC, PCC »

Novateur Partners, LLC

Do you feel uncomfortable talking about what you do? Do you feel stuck in your career path and unable to reach your goals? Do you wonder how you can let your bosses, peers, clients, and prospects know about your accomplishments without appearing arrogant? If so, “The Art of Self-Promotion” is for you. In an entertaining and easy-to-read format.

This book reveals the secrets to mastering the art of self-promotion and explains why this is a critical skill at every stage of your career path. Whether you are a recent graduate looking for a first job, a mid-level professional poised to move forward, or a C-suite executive seeking to further excel, you will learn how to transform your career by promoting yourself authentically, gracefully, and confidently.

“This book is a helpful tool in developing your best career manager-you.” Kristy Weathers, Professional Development Partner, Sutherland

“This book leverages all of Stone’s considerable executive coaching experience and will be enlightening and helpful to CEOs of growing businesses as well as to the people they lead.” Andy Berg, CFP®, CEO, Homrich Berg

“Telling your story effectively is critical. This book does a masterful job of teaching you how to do that confidently and authentically to advance your career.” Amena Ali, SVP & General Manager, WeatherBug Home