Sanity and Success for Working Women:

Sanity and Success for Working Women: A Quick Guide to Survive and Thrive in the Corporate World

Sanity and Success for Working Women:

Marilyn Fettner, MCC, NCC, LCPC »

Fettner Career & Life Counseling

A quick useful reference for corporate women! This book presents new realistic solutions to help women navigate through common issues they face in the workplace. It’s organized to easily find the topic you want! In today’s world, women often feel they are losing their sanity. As they strive for career success, while trying to manage home and family responsibilities,

They encounter barriers that keep them from career advancement and achieving the success they deserve. Yet they continue to struggle to attain the ever elusive work-life balance.

Many women report not feeling valued in their workplace. They face challenges with work relationships and politics, getting recognition, promotions, and equal pay. This book is packed with strategies to help women thrive in both their competitive workplaces and demanding personal lives. Some examples of strategies included in Sanity and Success for Working Women are methods for developing a professional image, enhancing communication, and advancing into a leadership role.

A powerful advantage this book offers to working women are the exercises, which take an important concept and translate it into a practical experience. The impact of these exercises results in strengthening mental muscles in a way similar to that of physical training. Rather than simply reading a description of a problem, readers gain skill enhancements for positive change. There is also great value in these pages for corporate leaders, because they are the people with the power and influence to effect broad changes.

You don’t want to miss out on this important book that levels the playing field for working women.