Rescuing Healthcare:

Rescuing Healthcare: A Leadership Prescription to Make Healthcare What We All Want It to Be

Rescuing Healthcare:

Antony Bell »

Leader Development Inc.

Healthcare in America is wildly inconsistent and uncomfortably close to bankruptcy, and the only way it can be rescued is with leaders in all the different areas of healthcare stepping up with the right kind of leadership. The problem is that they don’t realize the importance of their leadership, and even when they do, they don’t know how to lead.

Running on Empty takes a practical and provocative stance that busts through the myths about mindfulness that get in your way of personal growth and happiness. Readers will learn, among other things:

  • How to free oneself from judgment
  • Tools for creating the life you really desire
  • Tips for mastering work/life balance
  • Meditation techniques that work for anyone
  • Why yoga is better for you than yogurt
  • How to transform technology from mindless foe to mindful friend

If you want a more balanced and purposeful life, Running on Empty is the self-help book that can jumpstart your journey from boring to boundless.