Missing Conversations:

Missing Conversations: 9 Questions All Leaders Should Ask Themselves

Missing Conversations:

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Countless books have already been published on the topic of leadership communication and the outward-facing conversations that leaders must skillfully navigate with their stakeholders to produce positive results. This book is the first book to name the inward-facing conversations that leaders must have – first and foremost with themselves – in order to lead with greater authenticity, credibility and calm.

This book captures nine areas of essential reflection that will deepen your self-awareness, increase your satisfaction and accelerate your success. If you or someone you care about feels stagnant in their current role, is new to leadership or is simply looking to reinvigorate their leadership in the face of daunting challenges, Missing Conversations may be just the guide they need to re-inspire themselves and those they lead.

Included in the book is a Missing Conversations Self-Assessment, which will point you toward those specific areas of reflection that are most critical to becoming happier and more effective in your leadership. The tool-kit at the end of each chapter will equip you with new practices and resources to sustain your learning. And, if you’re an executive coach or human resources professional, Missing Conversations provides you with a proven framework for maximizing the potential of the leaders you work with and enhancing your professional value.

The authors, both seasoned executive coaches with over forty years of combined experience, have included compelling stories of real-life leaders and provocative exercises that will enrich your learning. Written in an accessible, engaging format, Missing Conversations will help you focus amid distractions, better inspire yourself and those you lead, cultivate new habits and reaffirm the goals and values that you care about most.