Journey Back from Chemobrain:

Journey Back from Chemobrain: Everyday methods to address your chemobrain symptoms

Journey Back from Chemobrain:

Michael Cerreto, MS, CSC, LDR, Edu-K »

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After being diagnosed with cancer, you enter a personal journey through treatment and recovery, but your journey may not end there. Your cancer and treatment can have an invisible impact on your mind that causes struggles with attention, memory, and reasoning. This condition is called chemobrain and may be caused by different treatments, stress, and conditions experienced by any cancer patient.

If you are a cancer survivor who is living the day-to-day struggles with chemobrain, there is hope available to you.

“Journey Back From Chemobrain” is a groundbreaking book that teaches you everyday methods to address your chemobrain symptoms. While most chemobrain books explain just the symptoms and causes, they fall short by not giving you tangible actions to take. “Journey Back From Chemobrain” fills that important gap by giving you 15 methods you can use immediately based on cutting edge research.

This highly practical book is authored by Michael Cerreto, Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapist, and Tracey Tatum, Oncology Nurse Practitioner. They leveraged their unique expertise to bring you the missing links in managing chemobrain. The authors spent years identifying and teaching the 15 most effective methods to address chemobrain symptoms based on the results of leading chemobrain researchers. You now have this same information available to you. Each method is described in short, easy to read summaries and references actual research studies that determined how each method helped cancer survivors with chemobrain. The book is written so you can learn each method quickly and experience the ones that work best for you. “Journey Back From Chemobrain” is what millions of cancer survivors have been asking for and is now available to you.