Find Your Where:

Find Your Where: Turn the Tables, Negotiate Your Success, and Do Work and Life on Your Own Terms

Find Your Where:

Rose Opengart, PhD »

Interviews That Work

It is crucial to find the job and company that is right for you – it is in your hands to find what interests you, challenges you, and offers a good fit with your skills, interests, and values.  This book will help you determine what your needs and priorities are and how to ask the questions that help you find your Where – to help you get unstuck or to help you find your happy place!

This book turns the tables by giving the interviewee some control over work/life decisions as well as of the interview– by putting you the candidate in a position to assess where and whether you want the job.

Times have changed and the revolution has begun! Take responsibility for charting your own professional future.

Find Your Where, because where you work can make all the difference in the world to your happiness.