Burnout Be Gone: Healthy Habits for the Overwhelmed Perfectionist at Work

Burnout Be Gone: Healthy Habits for the Overwhelmed Perfectionist at Work

Burnout Be Gone: Healthy Habits for the Overwhelmed Perfectionist at Work

Nicola McCrabbe, PCC »

Nicola McCrabbe

Do you feel overwhelmed with all the work on your plate – the constant grind? Do you frequently feel irritable, run-down, or no longer have time to do the things that keep you healthy and happy?

If so, you could be on the road to burnout.

But don’t despair: Burnout Be Gone is here to offer you help and hope.
A path to energy, focus, calm and confidence.

As a leadership coach, Nicola McCrabbe takes you on a journey to examine the root causes of burnout for the perfectionist: stress and overwhelm. When you live with constant pressure to achieve, you inevitably take on more work and end up with little time for rest and play. Alternatively, you spend large amounts of time stuck and procrastinating. After experiencing burnout, Nicola knew that she needed to figure out why, how to recover, and most importantly, how to lead a healthier life.

Based on academic research, her journey to wellness, and her work coaching overwhelmed perfectionists, Nicola shows you a path out of and away from burnout.

This book will provide you with three key tools for a better future that will help calm your mind and lead you to live more compassionately towards yourself and others. Through this journey, you will come to love and accept yourself, your work, learning, and how to thrive in your time outside work.

Burnout Be Gone is a practical book of simple habits that will help you to better prevent and manage your stressors at work. Using case studies and stories of transformation, you will learn how to get unstuck, move forward, and lead a life worth living.

Nicola McCrabbe is an executive leadership coach and speaker with experience in academic, corporate, and non-profit areas.

Nicola specializes in helping corporate clients educate and coach their teams to balance maximum productivity with emotional and mental health. She believes that better people make +for better organizations.

Originally from Northern Ireland, Nicola now lives in Calgary, Canada, with her family.