Brave Together:

Brave Together: A Conversation Starter for Cultivating Biblical Mentoring Relationships

Brave Together:

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Finding the kind of community that speaks life into our souls can be so hard. Between shifting schedules and changing seasons, it can be logistically challenging to create a meaningful and consistent connection. But hard doesn’t mean impossible!

Imagine linking arms with other women from every generation as you pursue God purposefully for your own authentic life change and legacy-leaving impact. Imagine the soul nourishment that could come through unpacking Scripture truths together. Doesn’t that sound better than going it alone? And yet, the challenge is once you find these women, what do you do with them? That’s where Brave Together comes in. Inspired by the 52 Brave Women Manifesto principles, Brave Together is filled with thoughtful stories, heart-grabbing Scripture prayers, and life-changing application questions perfect for beginning the kind of conversation that cultivates connection and meaningful relationships. Together you can be devoted to God and each other. Together, you can become brave women who think biblically and live transformed, impacting the world with Kingdom hope.