A Different Reality:

A Different Reality: Adventures in narrative therapy & a protocol to address anxiety disorders and insomnia

A Different Reality:

Dr. Fredric Mau, LPC, DCC, D.Min., M.A., M.Div. »

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It is not enough to simply think about things differently. Most of our models of change and approaches to psychotherapy are designed to do just that—create cognitive changes in rational thought. These approaches make therapists feel safe and in control. We feel comfortable because we never have to engage powerful emotions. We fool ourselves into thinking that talking about something will make it different.

We fool ourselves into thinking that the quest for causes of problems or insight into them will help. We fool ourselves into thinking a focus on problems will somehow lead to solutions. We fool ourselves into thinking change is the result of a long, arduous series of incremental steps.

Our clients deserve better. Real change happens in the lightning strike of powerful emotion, in epiphanies of deep existential shift in the meaning of the story of our lives. Emotion holds the power for change; stories frame emotion and create meaning. This book models the use of story to jolt new meanings into being. It is a model for postmodern therapy: a solution-focused, quick, deeply emotional approach that engages the creative unconscious to craft a different reality. International award-winning author Dr. Fredric Mau draws from his 10-plus years of clinical experience as a hypnotist and therapist to elucidate a powerful master course in narrative therapy, and unfold a multi-session protocol to treat anxiety disorders and insomnia. Buy this book now, bring real energy into your practice, and become more effective as you treat your clients.