7 Keys to Unlocking Your Life P.U.R.P.O.S.E.:

7 Keys to Unlocking Your Life P.U.R.P.O.S.E.: Discovering Your Destiny by Understanding Your Design

7 Keys to Unlocking Your Life P.U.R.P.O.S.E.:

Stuart Simpson, DMin, BSc »

Empower Coaching

Everyone wants a life of purpose. How many actually live one? Most people want to know that their life has meaning and significance…and it does. The sad reality, however, is that the majority never discover what that is! Schools never teach you how. Churches never teach you how. Your employer never teaches you how. That is why I’ve written this book. I give you 7 keys to unlock your life purpose and help you start living the life you’ve always wanted to live.

These keys will first help you discover your design. You will then be able to identify your calling and life purpose.

“From beginning to end I couldn’t put this book down. It is packed full of very insightful, theologically sound and practical truth, designed to clear out uncertainty and pin down who you really are and why you have been put on this Earth for such a time as this. This work book will open your eyes and help you see the bigger picture that is uniquely you. So many people seem to drift through life, never realising who they are and what God has uniquely wired them to be and do. Without such a compass, their destinies are blurred; their purpose goes on hold and their full potential never gets released. Sadly they ‘die full’! Our graveyards are full of such people.

Using a refreshing acronym of the word, ‘purpose’, Stuart has produced a unique and very comprehensive tool that both Christians and non-Christians will find useful – even transformational. I feel that this work will become required reading for anyone studying to become a more purpose-filled leader or to find out what constitutes their best career-fit, or a more informed parent, or simply to become a better person. Stuart’s book will not disappoint. You will love it!’ – Martin Allen, Founding