Develop your natural abilities, explore careers, and use career evaluation tests to your advantage with these inspiring materials.


By Don Hutcheson and Dr. Bob McDonald, and newly revised by Lazar Emanuel and Dr. Tom Tavantzisdon't waste your talent book

What comes naturally to you? Pave your way to success with Don’t Waste Your Talent, a book designed to help you discover your unique strengths and how to make the most of them. Whether exploring careers, pursuing a new passion, or simply in need of a moment to slow down and reevaluate what’s important to you, this guide is the perfect place to facilitate the important discovery of YOU.

While we each have our own, unique aspirations, studies show that the most successful people have one thing in common: they know where their talents lie and are guided by a clear and authentic personal vision. They’re honest with themselves, and develop an accurate and targeted picture of their talents. Don’t Waste Your Talent explores this journey; showing how focusing on one’s natural abilities can lead to the profound and lasting benefits of reduced stress, decreased burnout and greater satisfaction.

So how does this book help you get there? Identifying your Eight Personal Vision Factors, Don’t Waste Your Talent combines your family history, values, skills, interests, goals, personality, developmental cycle, and most of all, your hard-wired talents, to shine light on the ideal pathway for contentment, fulfillment and a purpose-driven life. It’s an excellent companion piece for anyone who has taken or plans to take our career evaluation test, the Highlands Ability Battery.

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By Leslie H. Martin and Kathleen T. Danelo

Guiding students through the all-too-often confusing college to career experience, Highlands: The Right Choice career evaluation test booklethelps undergraduates make clear, informed choices on what school to attend and what type of degree to pursue based on their natural abilities, interests, and personal values.

The Right Choice gives students a detailed understanding of how to use their strengths and passions to shape a rewarding career path. Outlining 14 different ability clusters (measured by the Highlands Ability Battery), students can explore careers they would be well-suited for. For example, the ideal cluster for a professional musician would be: Specialist + Introvert + Strong Musical Abilities + Strong Spatial Relations Theory. Additionally, the book includes a “Road Maps” section, offering important considerations in the steps leading up to graduation, as well as an extensive tips section to help parents and teachers better guide students toward a career rooted in their natural abilities.

Making choices about one’s future should be exciting — not overwhelming. The Right Choice is a valuable resource and confidence-building companion for any college student or aspiring learner faced with these hard decisions!

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