mental toughness and natural abilities

Mental Toughness and Abilities

Mental toughness has long been a concept understood and used in the sporting world, but now it is a concept that is increasingly becoming more relevant to the world of work. Economic and political uncertainty prevalent in many parts of[...]


Is There a “Successful” School Superintendent Profile?

Imagine combing through job opportunities and coming across the following posting: CEO CEO of an organization ranging from 30 - 157,000 employees, with 300-159,000 primary customers and 3,250 - 789,500 secondary customers. No eligible customer may be turned away, and[...]


Effective Leadership Skills

Leadership, at its purest form, is simply the ability to obtain followers. Effective leaders have a very strong sense of self; they understand the qualities that make other people want to follow them, and they know how to adjust those[...]

twitter and linkedin for job search

Social Media Can Help in Your Job Search

The Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) has helped you to identify what you should be doing in your career, but how are you going to get the job? The old way was to look for a job you see advertised and[...]

natural abilities assessment

Abilities Assessment? What’s That?

The Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) is a career assessment ideal for students and young adults who want an understanding of their natural abilities and a clearer picture of the future. Parents, this article is for you. (more…)

what a life coach does

What Is a Life Coach?

A life coach is a career counselor whom you trust to guide you through the various stages of your life and career – through career assessment, career planning, career changes, and into career development and career satisfaction. The sooner you[...]


When to Know You Need a Career Change

Sometimes our professions or jobs cause problems that affect not only our working hours but our personal lives. The need to consider a career change is often manifested in job burnout and job stress. To find a cure for a[...]


Self-Promotion for Introverts

In today's tough economy and ruthlessly competitive job market, nobody can afford to go unnoticed. Too often, introverts get passed over while their chattier although not necessarily more gifted colleagues get the jobs and the promotions. But it doesn't have[...]


IT Career Error! Click Here to Repair.

Natural abilities are the foundation of IT career satisfaction...or hell. Two years ago, Jeff was a discontented software developer. His work left him frustrated and mentally drained each day. His performance reviews were generally positive, but they always noted a[...]