Lawyers: Manage Your Career In Uncertain Times

If the current economic climate has taught us anything, it has taught us the importance of anticipating transition points and preparing for unexpected events. It has reinforced the idea that by building an adjustable portfolio of skills and a strong[...]


Potential for HAB in the Charitable Sector

Prior to completing clinical training in counselling psychology, I had the opportunity for theological training and a few years of pastoral experience. Over the past forty years, this has afforded me the opportunity to use this combination of training to[...]


REAP the Rewards

Whether it's points on a credit card, the benefits of a job offer, or the early bird special at a local restaurant, everyone enjoys maximizing the return on his or her investment. With soaring rates of unemployment, foreclosures at epidemic[...]

apples oranges natural abilities comparison

The Skeptical Highlands Client

Several times in the course of delivering more than a thousand Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) feedbacks, both face to face and by phone, I have had the occasional client who does not accept the information of his or her HAB[...]

find a job in recerssion

Why It’s Hard to Get a Job

Too many hard-working people are looking for work and finding it difficult to find something. Many people spend hours each day looking for a new job, but the continual rejection makes it hard to carry on. Career consultants and job[...]