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The Skeptical Highlands Client

Several times in the course of delivering more than a thousand Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) feedbacks, both face to face and by phone, I have had the occasional client who does not accept the information of his or her HAB[...]

find a job in recerssion

Why It’s Hard to Get a Job

Too many hard-working people are looking for work and finding it difficult to find something. Many people spend hours each day looking for a new job, but the continual rejection makes it hard to carry on. Career consultants and job[...]


Engaging Employees Excellence

Organizations don't build business, people do. So investing in your people is an investment in your most valuable asset. Record rates of unemployment, economic uncertainty, and skyrocketing sources of stress, make employee engagement more critical and more challenging than ever.[...]

the right work type

There’s Value In Work-Types

As a Highlands Certified Consultant, my work with clients focuses on helping them work wisely in their current position. I help them see how natural abilities can enhance a current job, or how using abilities can help them move to another[...]

highlands ability battery for principals

Preparing Aspiring School Leaders

Research consistently reveals a direct correlation between strong educator leadership and the overall performance level of young teachers in schools, suggesting the significance of proactive approaches to the identification and training of school administrators. In this post originally published several[...]


How to Decide When You’re Undecided on College

Deciding if college is right for you can be overwhelming and confusing. As a high school junior or senior, your probably have a lot of options in front of you. If you’re undecided about college, these facts may help you[...]