Family Influence on Careers

Our family of origin - and where we were born and grew up - is an important and powerful influence on our lives. Our abilities are stabilized by the age of 15 and our personality is formed by the age[...]


The 6 Most Important Rules For a Successful Career

Book Review and Podcast Interview with Daniel Pink, author of The Adventures of Johnny Bunko - The Last Career Guide You'll Ever Need, art by Rob Ten Pas, Riverhead Books, Penguin Group publishers 2008. Have you followed all the career[...]


Back Pocket Plan

Several years back, The Highlands Company partnered with GlaxoSmithKline to support the GSK commitment to attracting and retaining productive and satisfied long-term employees. GlaxoSmithKline embraced The Highlands Program as a foundation for professional development planning and used it as an[...]

the hab for students

Life in a New Light for a Struggling Student

  Joel struggled as a student. His parents were divorced, he hated school, and he was actually expelled from high school because of his poor grades. After two years, he barely had one semester of credits. He ended up in[...]


The Queen Bee Syndrome

In a popular 2007 movie called "Bee Movie", the main bee character, Barry B. Benson, graduates from college and finds himself disillusioned with the prospect of having only one career choice - producing honey with the majority of the hive.[...]

mental toughness and natural abilities

Mental Toughness and Abilities

Mental toughness has long been a concept understood and used in the sporting world, but now it is a concept that is increasingly becoming more relevant to the world of work. Economic and political uncertainty prevalent in many parts of[...]