Become a Consultant

To administer our career assessment tool, the Highlands Ability Battery™ (HAB), to clients, students, or employees, you must complete Highlands Certification Training. The training covers the intricacies of our proprietary HAB technology, the philosophies behind the Highlands Whole Person Method, and best practices for providing individual and group feedback to clients.

As a Highlands Certified Consultant You Will Get…

  • An opportunity to take the HAB and receive your own reports and debrief
  • 16 hours of initial training on the Highlands Whole Person Method
  • Ongoing quarterly teletrainings for consultants
  • Your own listing in the Highlands online consultant directory
  • Resources to assist you in the development and marketing of your business
  • An invitation to be part of an elite community of practitioners who work to transform the careers of students, adults, and business leaders

Not Sure if the HAB Is the Right Career Assessment Tool for You? Consider This…

Many Highlands Certified Consultants rely on The Highlands Company to run successful private consulting firms and company departments, including Marla Brady, who works with the Miami Dolphins; Dori Stiles, who works with the University of Georgia; and Michael Cerreto, who works with young adults in Maryland…just to name a few.

You can see a listing of every Highlands Certified Consultant in our online directory, but, generally speaking, professionals in the following fields often get certified in the Highlands Method.

  • Coaching
  • Psychology
  • Private counseling
  • School counseling
  • Corporate consultation
  • Career consultation
  • Educational consultation
  • Human resources
  • Recruiting
  • Talent development
  • Leadership training
  • Team building

By becoming a Highlands Certified Consultant, you will set yourself apart from your competitors and provide richer, more objective career recommendations to your clients, employees, students, or whomever you choose to work with.

Want to see it for yourself? Take the HAB, our career assessment tool, through The Highlands Company. We offer discounted rates to practitioners.

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