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What Is Talent Development?

You've most likely heard the term "talent development" before, but what exactly is it? Talent development focuses on how to develop employee skills and competencies. Organizations provide learning opportunities and tools for employees to advance their overall careers. Talent development[...]

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Understanding How Your Boss Plans for the Future

In previous posts, we’ve discussed bosses with Immediate Time Frame Orientation and Long Term Time Frame Orientation. Today, we’re talking about bosses with Intermediate Time Frame Orientation, which includes folks who keep track of targets and plans between one to[...]

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Why Is My Boss So Short-Sighted?

We all know someone like it. They seem to only focus on the immediate future and have issues thinking further down the road. Your boss might say things like, "I can't focus on that right now" or "That is not[...]

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What Do Natural Abilities Look Like In Real Life?

We talk a lot about natural abilities - naturally - since the Highlands Ability Battery reveals how you are hardwired to complete tasks. With this knowledge of yourself, you’ll see the types of roles you could excel at and how[...]

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Why Does My Boss Seem So Disinterested?

Does your boss seem disinterested in the new idea you have for a quick sale? Does he talk about strategy in a dreamlike state only focusing on things looming in the distance rather than things right in front of his[...]

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Strong Observation and Your 2-D Visual Ability

The Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) objectively measures two natural abilities specifically related to two-dimensional visual tasks. In fact, when a person’s scores are strong in both of these abilities simultaneously, it typically means there is a need to use them[...]

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Get Certified in the Highlands Whole Person Method

Since the early 1990s, The Highlands Company has trained coaches, consultants, therapists, and talent development and HR professionals in the Highlands Whole Person Method. This training instructs trainees in how to administer the Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) and how to[...]

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Why Is My Boss Avoiding Me?

You and your boss get along fine. You work together well, but you just don’t feel like you know him at all. No one on your team does. As soon as a meeting is over, he disappears into his office,[...]