About The Highlands Company

The Highlands Company is the sole publisher of the Highlands Ability Battery™ (HAB), which is a timed career assessment that reveals your natural talents and guides you on your journey of self-discovery.

A Professional Aptitude Battery and a Whole Person Method

While we may be the publisher of a professional aptitude battery at the core, we offer much more than the typical career assessment publisher. It all rests in what we call Highlands The Whole Person Method, a four-step program that empowers you to make career and life decisions based on your natural abilities.

Following the Highlands Whole Person Method results in a list of potential job role or career fits, but that’s only the start. The real value is a heightened awareness of what kind of environments, communication methods, and responsibilities would allow you to thrive.

For example, let’s say you took any career assessment and learned that you would be a good fit for teaching. That’s only step one. With the HAB and the Highlands Whole Person Method, you would see that you’d work best teaching young children, in a classroom where you could be creative, and in a district where you could make some of your own decisions.

Where else can you get that kind of clarity? Ours is a one-of-a-kind professional aptitude battery.

The Highlands Company History

Over seventy-five years ago, Johnson O’Connor, a research scientist who devoted his life to the study of human abilities, developed a series of tests that were first conducted in a lab and then later on paper. O’Connor’s research team believed that every individual starts with a set of hard-wired abilities making certain tasks easier to complete. That research also suggested that those abilities can be measured successfully using timed exercises—usually, after the age of fourteen. For years, they conducted the tests and compiled an incredible amount of data that set the stage for identifying patterns in human ability sets.

In 1992, The Highlands Company acquired the rights to the test, which we named The Highlands Ability Battery (HAB for short). Now, hundreds of Highlands Certified Consultants all over the globe are working with individuals to identify their natural talents and with organizations to improve employee job satisfaction, efficiency, and much more.

Our Name and Our Visionthe highlands professional aptitude battery test butterfly

The name “Highlands” is inspired by the view one gets after understanding their natural abilities. At the top of any high point, you can clearly see the best path for your journey toward true self-discovery. Our logo, a butterfly, represents that journey of discovery and transformation.

To learn more about becoming a Highlands Certified Consultant or to experience the Highlands Ability Battery for yourself, contact us.