The Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) is a unique career assessment that powers the whole person.

A career assessment like you’ve never taken before. The comprehensive online HAB is made up of 19 timed exercises designed to reveal your natural abilities with incredible accuracy.

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Get insights into how you think, what makes you tick, and where you will thrive along with possible job matches in your HAB reports. More than 30+ pages of data about how you are hardwired!

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Thanks to the insight of a Highlands Certified Consultant, you will receive a personalized consultation that applies your HAB results to your current challenges and career goals.

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In your consultation, you will learn about the pieces that make up what we call your ability lens. It’s a model for career success that you can follow throughout your career journey.

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The Method Applies to All Stages of Your Career.


High school, college, and graduate students experience the Highlands Whole Person Method through school or a private career consultant. The Method empowers you to pursue a field of study and career that aligns with your Natural Abilities rather than a passing interest.

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Whether you are a young professional or a career transitioner, the HAB is the first step in renewed job satisfaction. Engaging in the Whole Person Method with the aid of a private coach or consultant is an investment in your future and your career.

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Your HAB results will show you the makeup of your leadership abilities. How can you capitalize on your strengths? How can you better communicate with staff? Experience the Whole Person Method through a private leadership development consultant or your company’s HR department.

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Businesses seeking to enhance employee performance and promote team-building and leadership development choose the Highlands Whole Person Method for their leaders and staff. Debriefs can be done individually or in groups.

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The Numbers Say it All.


The HAB is a proprietary career assessment made up of 19 timed exercises. Given a limited time frame, your performance on the HAB exercises will objectively reveal how you are wired.


Every Highlands Certified Consultant undergoes 40+ hours of intense training so that they can provide HAB-takers with an incredibly thorough, and often life-changing, debrief.


Established in 1992, The Highlands Company has hundreds of certified consultants around the globe.


The HAB is based on research completed by Johnson O’Connor that goes all they way back to the 1930s. Your HAB results will be assessed against the tens of thousands of HAB takers before you.

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